George Munro Edwards

Enlisted: Tuesday, August 11 1914

George Edwards enlisted on 11 August 1914. He embarked aboard the Berrima on 19 August 1914 and served with the Australian Naval and Military Expedition Force (AN & MEF) until March 1915 in New Guinea.

James Logie Harcus

Enlisted: Tuesday, August 18 1914

James Logie Harcus was commissioned in the 1st Contingent, Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force as a Captain on the 18 August 1914 as officer commanding the machine gun section.

Charles Howard Helsham

Enlisted: Wednesday, August 26 1914

Helsham was a founding member of the University Club and worked as the secretary of the Sydney Hospital for 15 years prior to enlistment. He was a member of the Naval Artillery Volunteers before joining the AIF in Sydney. He put his age down to 39 from 47 when he signed his papers on 26 August 1914. He later corrected the deception.

John Brier Mills

Enlisted: Friday, August 28 1914

Major Mills enlisted 28 August 1914 and embarked 20 October 1914 from Melbourne on Shropshire.

Harry Andre Henry

Enlisted: Tuesday, September 01 1914

Harry Andre Henry was a particularly talented and cosmopolitan man. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1913 and took up his studies in Oxford and Inner Temple in London. He enlisted at Oxford in September 1914, joining the 7th Battalion of Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry and was promoted to captain on 12 July 1915.

Samuel Edward Townshend

Enlisted: Thursday, October 01 1914

Samuel Edward Townshend enlisted 1 October 1914 and embarked aboard Ceramic on 22 December 1914.

Lloyd Chase Hutchinson

Enlisted: Thursday, October 01 1914

Hutchinson took his BA degree at the University of Sydney and was awarded the Lucas-Tooth scholarship to Cambridge University. He sailed to England on 1 August 1914. He enlisted there in October 1914 and joined the Officers Training Corps. He was commissioned to 9th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment on 24 November 1914.

Arthur Gordon Hill

Enlisted: Sunday, October 04 1914

Arthur Hill was a jackaroo prior to the war, intending to go on the land. He enlisted, aged 21 years in the reinforcements for the 4th Battalion, at Liverpool Camp, 4 October 1914, listing his occupation as ‘bushman.’

Francis Cohen

Enlisted: Monday, March 01 1915

Frank Coen enlisted 1 March 1915 having resigned his AMF commission to contest unsuccessfully in the Senate election.

John Bede Dalley

Enlisted: Monday, March 01 1915

Several times rejected for active service because of his deafness, John Dalley pleaded with the government for entry into the Australian Imperial Force. He was commissioned second lieutenant in the Australian Field Artillery in March 1915.

Henry Thomas Eulert (HTE) Holt

Enlisted: Thursday, May 06 1915

Henry Thomas Eulert (HTE) Holt was educated in England and articled to Stephen Jaques and Stephen in 1913. At the outbreak of war he travelled to England and in May 1915 he joined the Royal Field Artillery.

Percy Valentine Storkey

Enlisted: Monday, May 10 1915

Percy Valentine Storkey was born in New Zealand and had worked in administration at the University of Sydney. He had begun legal studies at Sydney Law School in 1913. He enlisted in the AIF on 10 May 1915, just short of his 24th birthday.

Eugene Francis McDonald

Enlisted: Monday, July 12 1915

Eugene McDonald enlisted on 12 July 1915. He sailed with 16th Reinforcements 13th Battalion on 31 March 1916 on Star of Victoria, as second-lieutenant.

Edwin James Hooke

Enlisted: Saturday, August 07 1915

Edwin James Hooke enlisted 7 August 1915 and embarked on 30 December 1915 aboard Medic.

Gerald Ross Campbell

Enlisted: Wednesday, August 18 1915

Gerald Campbell was the son of Alex Campbell MLC. He commanded the New South Wales Scottish Rifles militia battalion before the war. In 1914 he was appointed to the state committee for the selection of officers for the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). He enlisted in AIF for the first time on 18 August 1915, and sailed as colonel, O.C. troopship Shropshire on 20 August 1915.

Alan Stredwick Lloyd

Enlisted: Friday, October 29 1915

Alan Stredwick Lloyd came from a legal background. He was associate to Justice Sly and was admitted to the New South Wales Bar on 11 May 1914. He volunteered but was rejected for overseas service on medical grounds. He became an intelligence officer at prisoners of war camps in Australia.

Desmond Gavan Duffy

Enlisted: Monday, November 15 1915

Desmond Gavan Duffy was admitted to practise in Victoria in 1913 then the New South Wales Bar in May 1915, operating out of Denman Chambers. He had served in the Field Artillery and was a member of the University Rifle Corps before he enlisted on 15 November 1915 at the Town Hall in Sydney.

Henry Russell Braddon

Enlisted: Sunday, January 16 1916

Henry (Harry) Russell Braddon was the son of prominent politician and businessman Henry Yule Braddon. Henry Russell enlisted on 16 January 1916 and embarked on 30 September aboard the Aeneas as second-lieutenant with 6th Reinforcements for Australian Field Artillery Howitzer Batteries.

Joseph Lamaro

Enlisted: Monday, January 31 1916

Joseph Lamaro’s early attempt to enlist was delayed because of defective eyesight. He embarked as a signaller on 5 June 1916 with the 13th Reinforcements for the 18th Battalion.

Harold Vivian Jaques

Enlisted: Tuesday, February 01 1916

Harrold Vivian ‘Sandy’ Jaques was associate to Sir Edmund Barton and admitted to the New South Wales Bar on 15 February 1907 on the motion of the Attorney General Charles Wade. Jaques travelled to England privately and enlisted as a lieutenant in an Officer Training Unit at St John’s Wood, England, in February 1916 for the 121st Battery, Royal Field Artillery.

Lennard Campbell Badham

Enlisted: Monday, May 08 1916

Lennard Badham was the grandson of Professor Badham of Sydney University. He worked as a journalist before moving into law and was at one time the editor of the Gundagai Times. Badham enlisted as a gunner in the 7th Field Artillery on 8 May 1916, aged 30. He listed his occupation as a law student. He was admitted to the bar on 31 May 1916, wearing his military uniform along with wig and gown.

Victor Louis Bosker Haigh MC

Enlisted: Friday, July 28 1916

Haigh was admitted to the New South Wales Bar on 6 May 1909. He was rejected for service with the AIF on account of his eyesight, but left privately for England early in 1916 and enlisted British Army Royal Garrison Artillery at St John’s Wood Barracks, London, 28 July 1916.

Colin Vernon McCulloch

Enlisted: Wednesday, October 18 1916

Colin McCulloch was admitted to the New South Wales Bar while in uniform on 22 July 1916. He enlisted on 18 January 1916, aged 24, and embarked on 9 September 1916 at Sydney aboard Euripides with the 20th Reinforcements for the 2nd Battalion.

Ernest Meyer Mitchell

Enlisted: Monday, November 27 1916

Ernest Meyer Mitchell served in the University Scouts before the war, and was a founding member of the Mosman Rifle Club, established in 1915. Mitchell enlisted as a private soldier in the AIF on 27 November 1916, aged 42 (he stated his age as 40), at Sydney Showground and was first appointed to the 6th Reinforcements of the Light Trench Mortar Battery.

Thomas Alexander Wells

Enlisted: Saturday, February 17 1917

Thomas Alexander Wells enlisted at Show Ground Camp in Sydney on 17 February 1917 in the Field Artillery, listing his occupation as a law court reporter, aged 30 years.

Henry George Edwards

Enlisted: Tuesday, August 07 1917

Henry Edwards was associate to Mr Justice Rich and was admitted to the bar 2 November 1911. He served in Australia as a captain in the Intelligence Corps censoring press and telegrams. Appointed a permanent District Court judge and chairman of Quarter Sessions 6 September 1938.

Rex Chambers

Enlisted: Friday, October 05 1917

Rex Chambers interrupted his university studies to enlist on 5 October 1917, claiming he was 18 years of age, having raised his age by a year.

Henry Mackenzie Green

Enlisted: Monday, March 25 1918

Henry Green enlisted on 25 March 1918, aged 36 and listing his occupation as a journalist with the Daily Telegraph. He embarked on Wyreema as acting sergeant on 14 October, but returned from South Africa on account of the Armistice.

Francis Hidden

Enlisted: Monday, September 23 1918

Francis Hidden enlisted in the AIF on 23 September 1918, age 20. He was due to leave Australia on the morning of the 11 November 1918 – Armistice Day, so he did not serve overseas.