Dispute resolution (ADR)


Alternative dispute resolution

Various forms of negotiation are used in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and an experienced neutral third person can be used to facilitate negotiations to help the parties resolve their dispute. The person facilitating the negotiation does not usually advise on or determine issues being negotiated or the outcome of the process, but may advise on or determine the process of the negotiation.  Learn more about the main forms of ADR undertaken in Australia

Baradr colour1.pngBarADR is an initiative of the New South Wales Bar Association to provide solicitors, in-house counsel and members of the public with access to barristers trained and accredited in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes of mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

Bar Dispute Resolution Centre

The  NSW Bar Dispute Resolution Centre has comfortable and modern facilities are available to conduct mediations, arbitrations, references and conferences.