How do I collect the data required under the Policy?

The NSW Bar Association has developed worksheet and report templates for barristers to collect data so that it may make it easier for barristers to then compile their report at the end of the reporting period. The worksheet and report templates can be found on  this link. The worksheet and report templates cover all of the categories on which barristers are to report under the Policy. At the end of the reporting year, all you will need to do is to report the total number for each of the categories covered by the Policy which are contained in the report template.

When do I need to submit my report to the NSW Bar Association?

The Policy provides that barristers who adopt the Policy need to provide a report, at such time as determined by the local Bar Association. [1] The NSW Bar Association has decided that the reporting period for the collection of data is from 1 July each year to 30 June the next year and that barristers are required to submit their report to the NSW Bar Association by 30 September each year You may provide reports to the Bar Association via email (to or hardcopy. Please attention all reports to Ms Ting Lim, Policy Lawyer at the NSW Bar Association.

    What will the NSW Bar Association do with the information in my report?

    The NSW Bar Association intends to collect, aggregate and anonymise the data before producing a report to be provided to the Law Council by 30 October each year and also made available to its members. Subject to this, the information contained in individual reports will be kept confidential and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

    Does my report have to be in an approved form?

    The NSW Bar Association has determined that the required form of the report is to be in accordance with  the report template. If you are not able to submit your report in the form of the report template for any reason, as long as you address the  four areas for barristers required under the Policy in your report it will be accepted by the NSW Bar Association.

    [1] Page 6 of the National Model Gender Equitable Briefing Policy